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Who We Are

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About Us

Paragon Alpha is a specialist hedge fund recruitment and advisory firm. We support our clients to grow, transform and evolve by hiring superior talent and providing market intelligence.

Paragon Alpha has a truly global reach and operates within the London, New York, Chicago, Geneva, UAE, Singapore, and Hong Kong markets.

With a dedicated, friendly, and professional team with over 35 years of recruitment expertise, we truly believe in the Power of Talent.

Our Team

We are knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to what we do, whether you are hiring or looking for the next steps in your career.

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Business Areas



Market Neutral

Global Coverage and Sector Specific

Discretionary Macro

Directional & RV

Interest Rates, FX, Commodities and Equities


Fixed Income, Currencies, and Commodities





High Frequency Trading


Quantitative Development

Software Engineering & Development

Platform Engineering & SRE

Data Engineering

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Our Mission

To be recognised as the global leader in delivering superior talent to the hedge fund industry.

Finding Alpha Through People

Our Core Values

Our values are the principals upon which our company was formed. They build our culture and reflect the personality of our team. They are the personality traits that are critical in our business, to our success and must be kept at all costs. We developed these values to describe what is important to us.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We believe that through the use of innovation and creativity that we can source the best global hedge fund talent within the industry. We provide our consultants with the freedom and opportunities to implement their own ideas throughout their learning and development in order to attain the best results.


Our passion underpins everything we do, it drives our “anything is possible” approach and makes us go the extra mile for our clients and candidates.

Respect & Courtesy

We are friendly and respectful people. We treat others how we like to be treated ourselves. We understand that acting this way means that strong relationships can be formed, and it makes a supportive and collaborative environment much easier to achieve.


While we are accomplished in our field, every day is a school day. Our team is continually learning and developing in our pursuit of being a best-in-class business. We treat people who know less than we do with respect and patience, and we share credit for our team accomplishments.

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