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We provide a wide range of services including:

  • Retained Searches
  • Contingency Recruitment
  • Market Mapping
  • Capital Introductions
  • Market Intelligence

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Retained Search

The retained search involves the client “retaining” a recruiter or team within the firm for a search or number of services. The hiring firm, therefore, guarantees the recruiter exclusivity and commitment to the search. The search firm in return provides a guarantee of services supplied and results.

The advantages of a retained search are a complete and total commitment to a single search by the firm. This includes market mapping, longlist and shortlists, weekly updates, and a pre-agreed total cap on the amount paid for the hire(s). For roles that involve relocation, our consultants will travel abroad to meet relevant candidates where required.

Paragon Alpha has successfully completed over 100 retained searches for our clients including significant relocations such as the UK to the middle east and the USA to Hong Kong.

Exclusive Search

Exclusive search is where the hiring firm provides a single agency with the right to carry out its search.

This relationship is purely based on trust, performance, and delivery. Thus, a transparent, and highly accountable partnership is created.

No upfront payment is required for this method of search and the total cost of hiring is typically based on the successful candidate’s total remuneration.

Our consultants are highly experienced in carrying out exclusive search mandates ranging from Junior Analyst positions to Senior Portfolio Management and Head Of Trading positions within the global hedge fund industry.

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Contingent Search

Contingency is sometimes described as ‘no win, no fee.’ We carry out service free of charge for a client until the day a candidate represented by us takes a position with said client.

In this case, our consultants working on this basis often have to compete with the client’s internal HR/BD department, advertising, direct applicants as well as a handful of other recruitment firms.

Given our vast network of talented individuals, we have successfully been able to represent the best candidate or candidates and present them faster than other channels.

Market Mapping:

Market Mapping is the analysis of a particular market, especially competitors, and the employment status of key people who work within that market.

This process helps to identify the skill level, and the consequent expectation of candidates, for specific roles, as well as illustrating the geographical spread of talent and where to find valuable candidates.

At Paragon Alpha, we focus on helping our clients understand market landscapes through detailed analysis of competitor organisations, e.g., identifying the ‘next wave’ of senior managers and executives in a highly technical and competitive industry. This enables us to be well-positioned to attract and engage the best talent at the senior level within this industry.

Market Mapping can also help build up insights, networks, and ideas to ensure that, when an organisation needs to recruit, they are already ‘ahead of the curve.’

Talent Intelligence

In a hyper-competitive global marketplace, our clients must fully understand and predict their human capital needs to stay solvent.

Our team is regularly in touch with our clients both in-person and online, to share our most recent market intelligence on the movers and shakers in today’s market.

Part of the promise of talent intelligence is that it captures key workforce data on its people assets.

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Salary Intelligence

Salary intelligence will always remain an important part of recruitment and retention efforts.

This process involves the collecting and analysing of data regarding our client’s competitor’s salaries, in order for us to achieve a distinctive competitive edge.

Using salary intelligence, we can assist our clients to prepare for their annual compensation planning by defining and using market data, benchmarking the overall organization compensation spend against relevant peer companies, and using market data to ensure that critical and hot jobs are paid competitively.

This practise ensures that critical and high-performing talent are not being lost to others, which is detrimental to the performance of any organisation.

To learn more about our services, please get in touch with our company directors

Colin McGhee


Thomas Hennelly

What People Say About Us

I had a pleasant time working with Elaine and she helped me find the quant role I had been searching for. She combined her expertise in aligning me with roles that matched my strengths and skills to help make the recruiting process smooth and painless. She also helped me adjust my attitude during the interview process and not be nervous. Furthermore, I was very impressed with her strong work ethic, deep knowledge in the hedge fund/asset management space, and her large "firm" client network. If you are considering looking for an opportunity in the hedge fund/asset management space, I strongly recommend you reach out to Elaine.

What People Say About Us

It has been a pleasant experience to work with Tom. Tom is very professional and knowledgeable in his domain. He can also provide very useful and honest feedback. I have referred a few friends to Tom and wouldn't hesitate to do more in the future.

What People Say About Us

Thomas was very helpful during the recruitment process and provided valuable insights. 

What People Say About Us

I developed a strong camaraderie working with Thomas during my job search. Thomas was very helpful and patient throughout the entire process. He thought from my perspective and represented my best interest. He was always my first go-to throughout the entire process. No matter what tiny question I came up with, he always responded to me in no time. And no matter what struggle I had, he would offer his insight but was always very supportive of my decision regardless. He worked with my schedule and never rushed me to do an interview. I highly recommend people to work with Thomas. 

What People Say About Us

David worked with Thomas but they were at different companies

II had a great experience with Thomas over the course of my process. We were honest, informative, and straight-talking which I found incredibly helpful. Highly recommended

What People Say About Us

Thomas was fantastic throughout the process as I looked to make the next move in my career. A real pleasure to work with, providing clear and informative updates at each step along the way. Really supportive throughout.

What People Say About Us

Thomas helped me secure the next step in my career through his well-managed process. He helped me every step of the way by getting me the information and preparation needed prior to each interview. He also followed up for debriefing and next steps. His communication was top-notch. All in all, he gave me the confidence needed for success.

What People Say About Us

I worked with Thomas to (successfully) find my most recent position and he was always communicative, informed, and professional. He always provided helpful input and was nothing less than friendly in every interaction. While other recruiters fell silent, Thomas kept in touch -- even if it was just a text message -- just to check-in, see how I was, and let me know if there were any updates. I wish all recruiters were as active and responsive as Thomas. Working with him was a pleasure.

What People Say About Us

I would highly recommend Thomas as a trusted partner in recruitment. He was very helpful and worked hard whilst representing. me to deliver a successful outcome.

What People Say About Us

I couldn't recommend Thomas highly enough. He is professional, an expert on his brief, and focused on the task ahead. He patiently worked with me to ensure that I was both the right fit for my new employer and that I had the opportunity to showcase the best of myself to his client. He's a different caliber to anyone else I've interacted with within the industry and I am confident he is like that with all of his clients.

What People Say About Us

Thomas is absolutely the most professional recruiter of all the recruiters I’ve spoken with over my job hunting for the past few months. He is diligent and detail-oriented, he keeps following up with me during the application and gave me valuable advice and guidance. Thank you, Thomas!

What People Say About Us

I have extremely positive experience working with Colin Mc Ghee. I am really impressed with his professionalism, focus, and ability to find a good career fit. But what really differentiates him from other head hunters is how he pursues and defends your interests during the long and complicated recruiting process. Highly recommend him.

What People Say About Us

Colin is everything you could hope for in a recruiter. He hustles, serves as an advocate for his client, and is a tremendous human being to boot. Any friend in the industry looking for a Sherpa to help them get to their next good home, I’ll happily send them my friend Colin’s way!

What People Say About Us

I have nothing but the absolute highest level of praise for Colin McGhee. Colin is an expert in financial services & hedge fund recruitment who maintains deep close relationships at the highest level. He runs his business with extreme professionalism while maintaining an exceptional level of integrity. After taking the time to understand my career goals, Colin used his incredible network of industry contacts to quickly place me at a Tier-1 hedge fund. He is one of the rare talents within recruitment who truly cares about his clients. 

What People Say About Us

It has been my pleasure to work with Colin at Paragon Executive for many years now. Colin has handled many searches on my behalf for several firms I have worked for since 2001. Colin has an unrivaled network of contacts across the financial services and asset management sectors and an ability to fill even the most difficult roles with the best candidate, quickly and efficiently. Colin’s ability is not only in finding talent but in helping manage the process of talent acquisition from start to finish providing invaluable help in the constant search for the best people.

What People Say About Us

David was Colin’s client

Colin cares passionately about his role as a head hunter. He has frequently delivered strong hires for me while working at 2 different firms. He builds strong relationships with both the firms he is hiring for and the people he is hiring. His strong understanding of the finance industry helps him match strong individuals with the right roles.

What People Say About Us

Colin introduced us to some of the best Quantitative firms in the world and got our team some great offers. He spends countless of his valuable time, working weekends with my team and me in interviews preparation and post-interview debriefing. As a result, my team and I signed an excellent employment package with one of the top-ranked US Quant family offices and Colin moved our whole team from Taiwan to work for Cubist Systematic strategies in Hong Kong.

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