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Giving Back

Paragon Alpha gives a portion of its profits to charities each year.

These charities are based in Ireland, Africa, and Pakistan, in the areas of health, poverty, education, and environment.

We encourage our staff to get involved as much as possible through:

  • Support for staff who are taking on fundraising challenges.
  • Volunteering with our partner charities
  • Charity trips overseas
  • Give as you earn matched funding
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Paragon Alpha, has recently donated money to help build a local school for the Kutchi Kohlie people in the southern Pakistan province of Sind.

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Paragon Alpha recognizes the five dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility:

Our goal is to actively contribute to making the world and society a better place. Being as morally and ecologically beneficial by frequently donating a percentage of our profits.

Ensuring inclusion across our workforce, by removing the barriers that can deter or delay it..

Sustainability, we foster innovation to achieve positive environmental change, while empowering customers, associates, and communities to reduce our global footprint.

Creating new opportunities and value for our customers and the communities where we live, work, and serve, by participating in efforts addressing systemic issues that drive inequalities.

Increasing the diversity within our company, at all levels.

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