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Top talent and strategic hires that reshaped hedge funds

By Matea Gucec

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In our new edition of Alpha Watch Tower, you can read about the latest insights and updates in the world of hedge funds.

What's inside the Alpha Watch Tower Q1 - 2024?

·        Hedge fund performances in the Q1

The first quarter of 2024 provided a mixed bag of results for hedge funds, reflecting the complex interplay of global economic indicators and market volatility. This section reviews overall performance trends, standout strategies, and sector-specific results.

·        Transfer window

The transfer window provides an overview of significant movements within the hedge fund industry, highlighting key personnel changes across various prominent firms.

·        Hedge fund launches

The start of 2024 was buzzing with new opportunities as several new hedge funds launched, introducing fresh strategies to the market.

·        Top markets for hedge funds in 2024

Certain markets have emerged as particularly favorable for hedge funds in 2024. - Which sectors and regions are leading this trend and analyze the factors contributing to their attractiveness to hedge fund managers?

·        What is it like to work for the biggest hedge fund?

In this insightful interview, we delve into the world of hedge fund technology with C.W., a Software Engineer at one of the world's leading hedge funds.

·        Top jobs at Paragon Alpha

Paragon Alpha has led the way in employment trends within the hedge fund sector throughout the first quarter of 2024. Here, we present the top job roles currently open at the largest hedge funds.


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