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Job opportunities in the Hedge Fund sector

By Matea Gucec

Paragon Alpha is currently hiring for a diverse range of high-impact positions across the globe. These roles are designed to attract top-tier talent to meet the sophisticated demands of leading hedge funds across the world.

Below are some of the key opportunities available:

Quantitative Roles


  1. Quantitative Equities Portfolio Manager - USA/Europe: Seeking experts in quantitative equity strategies to manage and optimize portfolios across the US and European markets.
  2. Quantitative Portfolio Manager - Singapore: Focused on developing and managing quant-driven portfolios in the dynamic Singapore market.
  3. Quantitative Commodities Portfolio Manager - NYC/Europe: Candidates will manage commodity-focused portfolios, leveraging quantitative methods to navigate market complexities.
  4. Quantitative ETFs Portfolio Manager - Global: Global role for professionals skilled in ETF strategies, managing portfolios across various international markets.
  5. Quant Developers - London, Boston, New York: Opportunities for skilled quant developers to work in major financial hubs, developing cutting-edge financial models and algorithms.

Portfolio Management


  1. EM Macro Credit Portfolio Manager - New York: Specialists in emerging markets macro credit strategies are needed to drive portfolio performance in the New York office.
  2. Convertible Bond Portfolio Manager - New York: Manage portfolios focused on convertible bonds, utilizing sophisticated quantitative techniques.
  3. Senior FX Volatility Portfolio Manager - New York: Experts in FX volatility strategies will manage high-stakes portfolios in the New York market.

Development and Engineering


  1. Quantitative Developer - Commodities - London: Develop quantitative models for commodity trading, enhancing market strategies in London.
  2. Platform/DevOps Engineer - Systematic Trading - London: Engineers to support and develop infrastructure for systematic trading platforms.
  3. Cloud Security Engineer - London: Focused on ensuring the security of cloud-based systems, crucial for safeguarding financial data.
  4. C++ Engineer - Cambridge: C++ developers to create and optimize performance-critical systems.
  5. Software Engineer - London: Software engineers are needed to develop and maintain robust trading applications.
  6. Production Support Engineer - London: Provide essential support for trading systems, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Trading and Research


  1. ETF Traders - Global: Traders specializing in ETFs to execute strategies in various global markets.
  2. Quant Researchers - Global: Researchers to develop innovative quantitative strategies, contributing to global trading operations.

Credit and Financial Engineering


  1. Credit Quant - New York: Professionals with expertise in credit markets to develop quantitative models and strategies.
  2. Convertible Bond Portfolio Manager - New York: Manage and optimize convertible bond portfolios using quantitative techniques.

These roles offer exciting opportunities to work at the forefront of financial innovation, leveraging advanced quantitative methods and cutting-edge technology. If you have the expertise and ambition to excel in these dynamic environments, contact our team for more information:


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