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Global leaders in the hedge fund industry

By Matea Gucec

New York: As the undisputed leader, New York houses 23.7% of the world's hedge funds and 36.5% within the USA. The city's robust financial ecosystem makes it the epicenter of hedge fund activity globally and domestically.

Greenwich: Often referred to as the hedge fund capital of the world, Greenwich, CT, hosts 2.6% of global hedge funds and 4% of those in the US. The city is renowned for its investment-centric atmosphere and some of the largest funds by assets under management (AUM).

San Francisco: Known for its innovative spirit, San Francisco is home to 2.4% of global hedge funds and 3.7% of those in the US. It attracts a diverse range of investors, including foundations and wealth managers, making it a significant player in the hedge fund landscape.

Paris: The City of Lights competes closely with Toronto and LA in terms of hedge fund count, attracting global firms that choose Paris as their European headquarters. The city is favored for diverse investment strategies such as long/short equity and macro, aiming to capture alpha across various markets.

Toronto: With 1.6% of global hedge funds, Toronto is home to high-caliber firms like Peregrine Investment Management. The city is noted for its high-performance strategies and is ranked ninth globally for hedge fund managers.

London: Holding 8.5% of the global hedge funds, London is second only to New York. It is highly regarded for its regulatory environment and is home to major firms like Man Group, making it a top destination for hedge fund managers.

Boston: This city benefits from its proximity to Wall Street and strong academic institutions, hosting 3.3% of global and 5% of US hedge funds. Boston's educational and professional resources make it a prime location for hedge fund talent.

Hong Kong: With 3.3% of global hedge funds, Hong Kong is a key gateway to the Chinese markets, attracting major firms like Citadel LLC and Renaissance Technologies due to its strategic position.

Los Angeles: LA is in the top 10 cities globally for hedge funds, accounting for 1.6% worldwide and 2.5% in the US. Its vibrant and diverse investment scene supports a dynamic hedge fund community.

Chicago: Ranking in the top five cities for hedge fund managers, Chicago holds 2.7% of global and 4.2% of US hedge funds. The city is renowned for its innovative approaches and performance, housing leading firms like Citadel LLC and Balyasny Asset Management.

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